Yup, that's what this little machines are called according to my Dad. He writes about it at Eeepc.net.

Too bad, my papa Arnold won't let me claim this as mine.

My New Hobby!

Following the footsteps of my Daddy Arnold....taking pictures using my Mommy's Canon camera. I really enjoy taking pics, in fact I already asked my mommy to buy me my own camera. But unfortunately my daddy won't let me have my own digicam for now. :-(

Anyway here are some of my great shots:
My Nanay Alice

Ate Issa

I don't why, but my daddy likes this shot

My Lola Baby

My Doll

Tweetie as a Sticker on our Picanto

 The Sky above

Our cute dog, Chasmo

Finally, after nine months of carrying him into her womb, my mommy Sharon finally delivered my baby brother to our family. Please say hello to my cute baby brother Adrien Shane Zafra. I'm still confused on what to call him - adie, iyen, riyen?

Anyway, thankfully my baby brother seems to be a perfectly healthy boy. And titos and titas who have seen him in the hospital said that he looks exactly like me when I was at his age. My daddy's initial reaction when he saw Adrien was that he looks a lot like my lolo Arthur. 

But we'll see as he grows up some more kung sino talaga ang kamukha. But for now, it's will surely be a different world for our little family from now on. I'm looking forward na to our future road trips! I can't wait to show Adrien the beauty of the world we all live in.

To my tita's who still read this blog, Happy New Year po!

A lot of things are going to change in the next couple of months and papa Arnold decided to start with my blog. Starting today, I will be sharing this blog with my soon to be born little baby brother. Yipee!

Anyway for updates on what's going on in my life. Please visit our family's Multiply site.

By the way, mama Sharon and papa Arnold have already decided what to name my baby brother and his name will be - Adrien Shane. His nickname would...you guess it right - Riyen. That explains the change of this blog's title to R Squared.

That's it for now....=)

As a growing kid, I rarely have time to blog anymore. There are so many things happenings right now with my life, our family's life and all.

Stay tune for some changes on this blog!

Aside from all those adventures and misadventures....I've had the longest road trip of my life...can you imagine hanging out with your papa and mama inside your car for 10 long hours of travel to the north?....I did!..Our destination....Ilocos region!

It was a looong hot trip...so when we reached Fort Ilocandia, I badly needed to take a dip...!

Resting on top of the hill in Cape Bojeador....

Yes, I was in Pagudpud!

At Calle Crisologo....

Beach buddies...!

Hmm..so this is how they make the famous Vigan Empanada....

It was a hot day in Vigan....

Contrasting photos...

If you want to see more pictures of Ilocos...visit papa Arnold's travel blog....he posted some great shots of Ilocos there! You will surely love his shots...(hehe...love your own)

Till next time!

Whoa! It's been a long time since the last post. I think it's time for an update. Sorry, mga tito's and tita's I've been, or rather my papa arnold has been soooo busy with blogging lately that he can't find the time to update this blog anymore (How I wish I'm old enough to make my own post, but don't worry, that time will come in a few years from now!).

Anyway, here's what I've been doing the past couple of months...

On Saturdays, it's either I'm attending badminton clinics under the tutelage of tito Lloyd Escoses (I wish!)....

Attending a Baptismal celebration....

Attending Birthday parties....

Fooling around with Jolibee....

Hanging out at the Manila Ocean Park....

Chillin' out in Fontana Water Park

to be continued.....

It's only February and we already had our second road trip for the year. This around, we drove (actually Papa was the only one who did this, as he was the designated driver) 3 long hours all the way from our house in Antipolo to Calatagan Batangas. Our destination this time was Ricky Reyes' Golden Sunset paradise resort!

Last Sunday, my parents woke me up again as early as 4:00 am, hmm actually I was the one woke them up not knowing that they are planning to embark on yet again another road trip. We left our place at around 6 am and drove for an hour to Tagaytay City. We stopped by our favorite place in Bag of Beans for a very nice breakfast.

After that, we proceeded towards the direction of Nasugbu. We passed by the road the leads to Calaruega church and head straight towards the direction of Catalagan. It was a good long two hours drive before we reached Golden Sunset Resort.

We reached the resort at around 10:30 am. The sun was already up and about. And so we quickly dive into the pool to freshen up. Mama and Papa both enjoyed watching me have fun in the pool.

I really wanted to stay longer in the pool but mama was worried that I might lose my fair skin complexion so we had to get out of the pool, just in time for LUNCH!

Lunch was at Golden Sunset Resort's Cucina de Oro, a small place submerged on water with a nice view of the Beach.

After lunch, we rested for a bit at a nearby shack with a refreshing breeze of cool fresh air and a magnificent view of fishpond.

Then it was time to go home. We dropped by our usual pit stop somewhere along SLEX to have a dose of Starbucks coffee and some chocolate goodies.

Twas another road trip. It was tiring and yet oh so fun!